Isaiah 32:17
And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance for ever.(KJV)

In that we are all Gods children, we here at KOOL FM 104.5 know and understand that as children of our Lord Jesus we are not always able to read Gods Word as per the Bible says, however you will have the chance to listen in each and every day Monday to Friday for a short bible reading and daily devotional message. We invite you to join us as we kick start not only the day with a refreshing word from scripture but our spirit as well by giving praise to God.

Daily Devotional By: Rev. Richard Singleton, Pastor
The Worldwide Christian Unity Network – Miami, Florida

Pastor-Richard-SingletonMonday – Friday  ( Time to be Announced )

Each day it is a privilege to serve God by delivering a short daily devotional message and Prayer to our listeners. I truly hope that these messages reach you and touch you in a way that only the word of God can.

Listen each day on KOOL FM 104.5 and hear what God is saying to you through the Word



Each Sunday we here at KOOL FM 104.5 will bring you the very best in OLDIES GOSPEL GOSPEL MUSIC, offering those great Gospel Songs from yesterday that we just don’t hear and sing along with anymore. It’s two hours of the very best in Christian Oldies Music with all your favorite Ole Time Christian music hosted by Pastor Richard Singleton from the Worldwide Christian Unity Network and the director of WCUN Sunset Christian Radio 

Join us each and every Sunday Morning from 7:00 am to 9:00 am for the very best in OLDIES GOSPEL MUSIC in the Sunday Morning Gospel Hour Show. 

Be sure to send us your thoughts on our Sunday morning Oldies Gospel Show. let us know how we’re doing and if there is a special christian oldies song you would like to hear in the Sunday Morning Gospel Show.

Contact Pastor Rick Singleton at  and we’ll get that special song on air just for you.