Giving to “KOOL FM 104.5” Radio is Easy


Your ongoing monthly or one-time donation help keep KOOL FM 104.5 programming on-the-air in your community and streaming on the internet 24/7!

Here is our stated Mission and Purpose:

*Provide a common resource for news, music, entertainment, local features, and information.

*Encourage the free exchange of information, resources, culture, and wisdom.

*Develop an educational track for students and adult volunteers to learn broadcast journalism, multimedia, business management, computer skills, administrative and related skills.

*Assist in making our community a better, healthier, more pleasant place to be.

Reasons to Support KOOL FM 104.5

giving back 2* The simple truth is: We can’t do what we do without your help.  Our listeners are the ones that  help keep KOOL Radio on the air.

*Your support helps keep your Oldies Station on the air.

*We support the local business by donating to your local charities.

* We continually support your local organizations through public service announcements.

*We provide on the air local and national shows and talent.

*We keep you updated with our local weather, and local news and information.


In Person Donations :

Please feel free to mail or drop by the Studio your donations to KOOL FM 104.5 in the form of check, money order.

101 N, Irwin Suite 205C
Hanford Ca 93230



Online Donations:

Using one of the Worlds most secure payment processing methods we will soon start accepting on-line donations through PayPal. With this method you will be able to choose the amount you feel in your heart to give.

As a way of showing our deepest appreciation for those who elect to donate to KOOL FM 104.5, We will be offering free gifts as follows:

$ 20.00 or more – Free KOOL FM T-Shirt
$ 50.00 or more – Free KOOL FM T-Shirt and KOOL FM Music CD
$ 70.00 or more – Free KOOL FM T-Shirt and KOOL FM Music CD and Bumper Sticker


Click the Donate Button Here to Submit Your Donation

KOOL FM 104.5
First Unitarian Universal Life Church of Hanford are Religious Not For Profit Organization 




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