home 101For all of you who listen and enjoy oldies we are the perfect radio station for you, have you ever noticed how other oldies stations have quit playing the songs from the ’50’s and 60’s several years ago and are now “the greatest hits of the ’70’s and 80’s” and in some cases, “‘ 80’s”to now” The ’80’s? Gimme a break!! What happened to the early years of rock and roll when the hits where real hits and the music was all about us the people who enjoyed it no matter if you were a teen or older? Even the early stuff by Elvis – his best stuff – is being ignored. Well your wait for the very best in oldies is over, KOOL FM 104.5 is right here in Hanford and will be broadcasting twenty four hours a day with not only the greatest music ever but with some awesome programming as well.


To Provide a common resource for news, music, entertainment, local features, and information. Encourage the free exchange of information, resources, culture, and wisdom to all of our listeners. Develop an educational track for students and adult volunteers to learn broadcast journalism, multimedia, business management, computer skills, administrative and related skills. Assist in making our community a better, healthier, more pleasant place to be.

KOOL FM 104.5 is A  California not for profit organization base in Hanford California as a Community Resource for the General Public.


KOOL FM 104.5
Is a fully Licensed FM Radio Station and is currently working to bring Hanford nothing short of the best radio entertainment, by bringing you the hottest 50’s and 60’s hits around the clock from the top performing artist from the good ole days.



World Wide Audience
It is our intention that we take KOOL FM 104.5 Radio to a higher level by broadcasting what the community wants in an oldies FM-Radio Station, of course this is with the help of donations from our listeners and supporters

Our Web Ministries Vision:
To become an effective leader in the multi-media publishing arena that provides high quality resources and excellent services to the community in Hanford, California area and beyond.

Our Main Purpose:
To develop, publish, promote and distribute excellent yet enjoyable the oldies music people want to hear in today’s world using the World Wide Web such as our website streaming, and internet outreach tools.

The Values of KOOL FM 104.5: Religious Programming

The Universal Life Church believes that it is every person’s responsibility to act holistically, to do nothing to infringe on the rights of others, and to uphold religious diversity and freedom.  Additionally, everyone must be able to practice their spiritual and religious beliefs without interference or threat from any government, religious, or societal force.

We strive to remain faithful through donations from our website, and our KOOL FM 104.5 Radio Station.  Through your personal donations to KOOL FM 104.5 Radio we will continue to reach out to everyone in the community.

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